Wednesday, September 7, 2011

NYT: One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring

Just because this article hasn't gone viral enough yet.....

One Sperm Donor, 150 Offspring

OFFSPRING, Ryan Kramer, of Pasadena, CA is the child of a donor


Raeanne said...

Hey Lindsey,
My name is Raeanne and I am a Donor Offspring. I'm so happy I found your blog and would love to learn more/ become more connected to this community. I (as many of us are) am very isolated in this issue. I do some speaking in twin cities on occasion about being Donor conceived and I would love to be more connected to what's going on and happing. My email is and I welcome any contact that any other dc people would like to engage in. Thanks for this site- great resource!

Magz said...

I thought this article was very informative. So much so, that I posted a review about it that I thought your readers would be interested in.

The issues in this article, and even the title alone, is alerting to the overwhelming amount of children born from one donor. It is obvious that sperm banks are not monitoring live births. It is so important that laws are put into enforcement to put a stop to this.

I feel like donor families and also donors are overwhelmed by this sort of information and perhaps shy away from making connections.

Thank you again for the excellent article. Looking forward to more.