Friday, April 23, 2010

"Connect" to another new offspring blog!

A relatively new blog (at least new to me) was pointed out to me today and I wanted to pass along the link.

Connect It is the story of a 28 year old donor-conceived adult, who has known of her conception for 5 years. Conceived from Dr. Decker's office on Park Ave in NYC in the early 1980s, she talks about her thoughts, frustrations, and even the humor, that are a part of the lives of those of us searching for our kin and our identity.

I look forward to reading more of this blog in the future! So glad to be seeing some new faces in the DC blogosphere, taking up the offspring POV - it's been a long time coming, but the revolution is beginning. Just wait until all these lil ones of all the DSR mommies come of age.....revolution is not even going to begin to explain the changes we'll make!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New resource to search for donors using yearbooks!!

Last month I was passed along this website, and my life has been so busy that I just now got a chance to take a look at it. This is definitely a keeper.

For anyone who has already used yearbooks in their search, they know that looking through yearbooks is a great way to narrow down a search, and this new resource is fantastic for those who are not in the locale of either where their conception took place or where their donor donated.....or simply cannot afford or find a yearbook(s) from the year(s) their donor was at that school.

It's called E-Yearbook ( and it provides complete coverage of high school and college yearbooks for a select number of institutions across the country (only a couple outside the US though). The cost is $29.95 for a year subscription with unlimited access....or $4.95 per month (but you must subscribe to at least 4 months in advance).

Even on eBay many university yearbooks sell for upwards of $100 or more, so this is an excellent opportunity for many offspring to browse their donor's university yearbook to check for resemblances without breaking the bank.

You can search the site to see what schools are covered as of now, and more are likely to eventually join in the future. For example, for me they do not have coverage of the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta College/Augusta State University, so the likelihood of it being useful for me now is low, but hopefully in the future more schools will join.

If anyone has already used this website or decides to join, please let me/us know of any success!