Newspaper Articles

This is a list of many of the older articles published related to donor conception.  Most new articles I have not added (besides ones I have blogged about specifically) because they are easily found using basic search engines.

United States:

April 14: 'My Daddy's Name is Donor - Elizabeth Marquard, Chicago Tribune
June 19: Sperm Donors' Offspring Reach Out into the Past - Judith Graham, Chicago Tribune
October 2: Mount Union student seeks identity of sperm donor - Tim Botos, Canton Repository

January 20: Are you my sperm donor? - Amy Harmon, New York Times
May 6: Sperm donor gives rare genetic disease to kids - Kate Snow, ABC World News
December 12: My Father was an Anonymous Sperm Donor - Katrina Clark, Washington Post

February: There is no me without you - Dani Shapiro, Elle

March 19: Don't make room for Daddy - Jennifer Lahl,
April 2: Autism children linked to same sperm donor - Randi Kaye, CNN
April 10: Unnamed sperm donors allow for selfish parents - Ashley Herzog, The [Ohio University] Post
September 4: When is a Sperm dOnor a Dad? - Juju Chang, ABC News
September 17: Challenging Sperm Donor Privacy - Lori Andrews, Parade Magazine
October 16: Hi-tech reproduction tests ethics - Charles Zola, The Standard Speaker
November 4: Donor babies search for their anonymous fathers - Craig Malisow, Houston Press
November 14: Pressure builds for Open Identity Sperm Donation in the US - Kate Johnson, Medpage Today
December 1: Searching For My Donor Dad - Hana R. Alberts, Forbes

February 12: U.S. policies don't put children first - Jim Wooten, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
April 16: Brave new world overlooks children's rights - Colleen Carroll Campbell, St. Louis Today



April 16: Are You My Father? - Nancy White, Toronto Star

June 11: 'It's a human right to know' your father - John Miner, London Free Press
October 27: Daughter of sperm donor seeks to know identity of biological father - Neal Hall, Vancouver Sun
October 31: Sperm donor wants to know who's got his genes - Robert Matas, Globe & Mail
October 31: Do you know who my daddy is - Margaret Wente - Globe & Mail

February 13: Wanting a child doesn't mean you should have one - Susan Martinuk, Calgary Herald
June 26: Man searching for sperm donor dad - London Free Press


United Kingdom:

May 20: Give me my own history - David Gollancz, Guardian

December 10: Children of donors' should have birth certificates stamped - David Derbyshire, Daily Mail

April 19: First generation sperm donor babies coming of age - Medb Ruane, Irish Independent
May 4: The incredible hunch that told me I'd met my sperm donor father - Rachel Murphy, Sunday Mail
June 18: Adoptees use DNA to find surname - Paul Rincon, BBC News
October 7: The hidden health risks for children of sperm donors - Anna Magee, Daily Mail
November 14: 'I could have 300 siblings' - Joanna Rose, Guardian

March 12: Sarah and Tom spent 25,00 to have an IVF baby...Then he walked out because he couldn't love a child that wasn't his - Natalie Clark, Daily Mail



February 16: Fertile ground for doubt - Sian Powell, The Australian
April 5: Children are not a right - Tom Frame, The Australian