Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to my father

Today is my biological father's birthday.  He's turning 48 years old.  I know so little about him, but this is one thing I was privileged enough to learn last year.

I wonder what he is doing for his birthday.  Is he spending it alone?  Is he spending it with a wife and children?  Is he working so hard that he forgets he's even turning 48 today?  Are his parents, my grandparents, alive to call him or visit him and wish him a happy birthday?  What is he going to wish for when he blows out his birthday candles on his cake?

These questions are only the tip of the iceberg for me, and yet, they're the basis of one of the only concrete facts I have about my father.

I want to know what he likes, what he dislikes.  What his favorite sport is.  What his favorite book is.  What he does for a career.  Does he have children.  Is he married.  Is he divorced.  Has he ever really been in love.  Does he love to travel.  Does he love science and medicine.  Is he religious.  Does he love animals.  Does he love the ocean.  Does he have a taste for spicy ethnic foods.  Does he like to cook.  Is he a perfectionist.  Is he left or right handed.  Does he love thunderstorms.  Does he drink tea.  Was he popular or nerdy in school.  Was he an athlete.  Where did he grow up.  What was his favorite childhood memory.  Did he have a good or bad childhood.  Does he love his family.

Why did he give away his children by selling his sperm for seven years?

Does he think of the 
children he created from donating his sperm???  Or does he see the newspaper articles and television segments and ignore them, putting those thoughts out of his head???  

Does he want to be found??  Does he want to look??  Would he accept me as his daughter??

I'm sure one thing he's not thinking about today is his lost biological daughter.  But I am.  

Happy Birthday Father.

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Anonymous said...

lindsay this is one of your best posts ever... i usually criticize them but this says it all.