Thursday, September 24, 2009

Long lost siblings reunite with missing sister

I saw this on the TODAY show and now I hear that they did in fact find the second half-sister!!  This adoption reunion story is just too amazing to not post here.  Brothers worked together for several months before realizing they were brothers.  Their half-sister's fiance sees them on a local station in Maine, tells his fiancee that he saw her brothers and she goes to the furniture store they worked at and they reunite.  And now.....while the three were on the TODAY Show their other half-sister in Florida saw them and all four are now reunited!  It turned out that the two girls actually went to school with each other, and the one was told not to tell the other they were sisters.  Now they are all reunited as family.  A beautiful story, but at the same time heartbreaking that these four lost their childhoods and early adulthoods knowing and growing up with each other.

September 23rd

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