Monday, April 28, 2008

RIP Skittles

My beloved rattie Skittles passed away early this morning from breathing complications associated with fibroids on her lungs and cancer.  She is survived by her best friend and "little sister" Oreo, and her new baby sister Nala.  Skittles is best remembered for her inability to distinguish between fingers and food, and for the MANY individuals who have lost blood due to her difficulties.

Skittles was my first rat, and I adopted her from a friend in college who had pet rats who had 17 babies in the dorm.  She came to live with my in my apartment in January 2006, and was a secret from my family until I had to bring her home for MLK weekend.  While my family was a bit reluctant at first, and even moreso after several of them got bit, they loved my little "dwarf rat" and were supportive when I insisted she was depressed and needed a friend!  When I brought Oreo home a month later I was so worried that Skittles would hurt my new baby rat, but as it turns out, Oreo was the boss and after the first couple days Skittles learned never to mess with her!

Skittles was completely white when I got her, and only later did she begin to develop the characteristic brown nose (and ears, tail, etc) of her Himalayan breed.  Being a science nerd, I decided to name her Skittles because Skittles are the 'colors of the rainbow' and all the colors of the rainbow together make white (remember the prisms that when the light reflected off them you could see all the other colors?).

Skittles lived a long life and happy life, and despite her health problems she was a trooper through it all.

*~*~ Rest in Peace Skittles ~*~*

December 16, 2005 - April 28, 2008

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