Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shame on you Cheryl Miller!!!

The February 2009 issue of Reason Magazine features an article entitled "Who's Your Daddy?: Children of sperm donors are seeking more information about their once-anonymous fathers, sometimes at the risk of the infertility industry itself." written by Cheryl Miller.  

Not only is this article very poorly researched, and most of the "facts" are downright lies, but Cheryl Miller had once written articles such as "Donated Generation" for the New Atlantis that was very well written and very supportive of our cause.  Now, however it seems that that was all a lie, she was not a supporter but rather a hater of donor conceived adults!!

Cheryl is delusional and apparently under the assumption that "we" as donor conceived adults are a threat to her libertarian laissez-faire sperm vendor market, because if we ban anonymous donors then all the donors are going to stop donating, and all those poor infertile couples, lesbians and single moms are going to have to live without a baby like they have since the beginning of time!!

MAYBE Cheryl, the reason is that the donors are realizing what they are doing and DO NOT want to sell their children to strangers!!!  Ever think of that?!?!  

This is absolute bullshit Cheryl, and I am pissed that we ever trusted you to be on our side because it's obvious that you just write what people pay you to write and you have no conscious whatsoever!!  

If you feel up to it, please comment on the article here.  Pay particular attention to Bill Cordray's and Donorconceived's comments.  The discussion makes me way too angry to even begin to comment there, but check it out!


Anonymous said...

I think it is LAUGHABLE that she actually used the term "infertility industry". Of course you and I both know that's what it is, but still, her use of the term really blows her cover.

Anonymous said...

I was linked in to your blog by Dawn. I just have to agree with Mia that the term is ridiculous.

I think it is sad when you find out that someone you trusted (for lack for a better term) turns out to be working for the other side. I dealt with that in my journey as well.

Anonymous said...

good grief. the hostility you hurl at someone just because she doesn't spout your party line. its entries like these that cause you to lose your credibility with me lindsey.

Lindsay said...

Anon, the "hostility" that you talk about is simply anger at being betrayed by someone you had trusted.

It has nothing to do with party lines, except if you read the article the entire premise is that donor conception should NOT be regulated because then donors won't donate and wanna-be mommies won't get their miracle babies. Cheryl IS a libertarian and the laissez-faire beliefs that she espouses in this article are completely in line with her true beliefs, so my anger is that her sympathies in the past towards us were all a lie.

If you would check out the comments after the article you would see many donor offspring who are now outraged at her comments. We are simply voicing our anger so she realizes that she betrayed an entire community of people who had previously saw her as someone they could count on.

Anonymous said...

did cheryl ever sign any kind of contract or otherwise commit herself to holding and publicizing only views that are acceptable to you? sorry, assisting your to air your view in the past doesn't mean that she is required to change her whole political perspective. nor does it mean that she "hates" you. you want to disagree with her article, fine, but don't act like that woman actually owes you anything.
You keep saying that donor conceived adults should not be treated like children... so stop acting so immature and whiny.