Thursday, January 8, 2009

Offspring Blog is HERE!!!


My new blog is up and running so please wander over to Donor Conceived Perspectives and check it out!!

If you are donor conceived and would be interested in contributing, as always send me an email and I'll send you more information!  We are looking for offspring over the age of 15 (under 18, make sure your parents are okay with it please!) who would be willing to share their story, as well as write periodically - every couple months - on anything that strikes your fancy in the DC world.  We are looking for offspring with varying views, ages, locations, and DC stories so there is a well-rounded resource for people looking for the views of donor conceived individuals.

DCP is a public blog, so anyone can post comments, but we will be moderating comments, so please be respectful to everyone.  I will not tolerate abusive comments towards anyone, as many of our authors are just now going public with their stories.

Please feel free to ask the entire group or any individual author questions via blog entries or email.  I will be creating a "Mailbox" soon, so private messages can be sent with questions to the group.  Several of our authors wish to remain semi-anonymous (for a variety of reasons), so there will be a single email inbox for the whole group.  If you wish to contact an individual, please put their name in the subject line.

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