Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years, and I wish each and every one of you a wonderful 2009!!

My 2009 New Years Resolution (aside from going to the gym everyday..........) is to start a blog for the group People Conceived Via Artificial Insemination (PCVAI).

It has been a concern of mine for some time that there is no public place for donor conceived people, parents, potential parents, and donors to go to talk to many adult offspring at once.  There are the registries (and their forums/groups), but the majority of the people there are parents with little babies, and many offspring feel very uncomfortable being honest in those places because of some of the severe backlash by others.

Adult offspring looking for others like them are often lost in the dark, and parents and potential parents only are able to communicate directly with a few select offspring who make themselves available from blogs or online forums, since the message boards for PCVAI (the ONLY group created by, for, and restricted to donor conceived persons) are closed to the public.

There are currently over 200 members in PCVAI (213 as of today), and the majority of those individuals' stories have never been told.  That is why I want to create a blog, with many donor conceived adults as contributing authors (I already have over a dozen who want to contribute).  Not only will you hear many of the untold stories, but you will get a sense for what is going on around the world in the eyes of the donor conceived, from legislation and advocacy to issues and controversies, and how different individuals react differently to similar (and different) situations.

Please keep your eyes peeled for this new blog in the near future!


The new blog is Donor Conceived Perspectives: Voices of the Sperm Donor Conceived.  We are still in our infancy (obviously) and I am still inviting offspring to participate and the ones who have signed on so far are busy at home writing their introductions to share with the world!  So far we have 7 offspring for sure (and another 15 who are interested), and they range in age from 17 to 65, male and female, and come from 3 continents.  Please continue to check us out at and see how we grow!!

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