Monday, January 26, 2009

Ode to 2009, and other random meanderings

Lets see, 2009 is really shaping up to be.....ehm, interesting, to say the least!! 

1.  President Barack Obama was inaugurated last Tuesday.  It truly was a historic moment.  It was amazing at school the entire campus stopped and people were clustered around TVs in hallways, in the campus center, the bookstore, the bars, the classrooms.  Even my mom said that at her school every teacher stopped teaching and all the kids in the elementary school watched this historic moment.  As I was watching President Obama's speech, and watching the crowds of college/graduate students, professors, administrators, and staff crammed in the Kent State student center, it strangely enough reminded me of the last great historic moment in my lifetime.  September 11, 2001.  Then, I was a junior in high school, and against the wishes of our school admins, all the teachers continued to show the CNN coverage of that fateful day.  I spent the entire day worried that our speech tournament that weekend at Wake Forest University was going to be cancelled (which it was b/c most of the teams fly and since the airlines stopped, the national invitational was cancelled).  I suppose by not really acknowledging it was my coping mechanism...I'm really not that insensitive!!  While last Tuesday was a historic moment of hope and not of tragedy, the way the world stopped, and all eyes turned to the United States, it amazes me.  It really amazes me.  I hope that President Obama can accomplish all that he promised during the election, so that America and the world really will be a better place to live.

2.  The job market is looking bleak, as today (so-called "Bloody Monday") 71,400 jobs were lost, and over 200,000 have been lost since the start of the year.  Apparently I won't be finding a job in the near future! :o(  I have a possible interview for a substitute research assistant position at a local library, but I haven't heard back, so who knows.  In the meantime, I'm going to annoy the blogosphere with even more posts here on Cryokid (and possibly some commentary on Donor Conceived as well), because I have entirely too much time on my hands.

3.  Everyone in my family has been sick already and I've been in and out of the ER and doctor's and neurologists for the past three weeks trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me.  Apparently I've been having migraines frequently for years, but never realized that what I called "sinus headaches" and probably ODed several times on Sudafed over years, were actually migraines.  When people tell me it's all in my head now I can proudly admit that they're right!  I also have an enlarged pituitary (don't get as alarmed as I did when I heard that....I predicted my death to some rare tumor the day after I got home from the hospital), but my neurologist doesn't seem super concerned.  I did have an MRI on Friday, and all I can say is Ritalin or Valium needs to be administered before an individual is forced to lie still for an hour on a board inside a tube that makes horrible piercing loud ticking sounds -- and no, the ear plugs don't do squat!  Also, as the troublesome little patient that I've always been, the poor radiologist couldn't find my veins (no one really can, basically they stab me in the arm a dozen or so times until they strike oil), so I ended up with one of those IVs in my hand, and I gotta say, it hurt like a MFer!!

4.  I'm really pissed that every doctor I go to I have to put down "N/A" for father's medical history.  Who knows, it could be that these migraines are from something more severe.  It's said that migraine headaches are very genetically based, in that if one of your parents had migraines it's likely that you will too, and if both parents had migraines, you're SOL.  My mom used to get migraines during that time of the month, but definitely not several times a week like me.  So who knows, maybe my bio father suffered from migraine headaches as well...if he was a med student, he might have written them off to be the over-inhalation of formaldehyde during those long sessions huddled over their cadavers with scalpels.  Nonetheless, nothing on the PATHETIC medical history form that Xytex gave me last February mentions anything of any medical/physical problem with him.  Apparently his parents were the picture of health (at ages 40 and 41 at the time), and all but one grandparent was alive (the dead one died of a heart attack ---- which I'm a walking time bomb on my mom's side already with HBP, heart failure, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, etc).  How many 20 year old boys do you know that know their extensive family medical history anyways?!?!  And to top it off, the clinics/sperm banks do absolutely NO checking of the rubbish that these little boys put down as fact, and that their children and grandchildren have to believe as fact for they have nothing else to believe.

5.  So school started back last week, but I only had one class - this week I have 2, and next week I finally have my first full week of all 3 classes this semester!  I'm taking a genealogy class, a health literacy class and another core LIS class (foundations).  I'm also the official writing center for my two little sisters ---- hey, they pay me to do their writing assignments, and I'm too poor to turn down financial incentives!  Unfortunately they're both taking some freshman writing class at their universities, so I'm going to be a bit busy!

6.  In 5 days I turn

7.  And last, but definitely not least ---- I may have found a half-sister!!!  I'm not going to write much on this right now, because I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm currently waiting for the results of a DNA test with a possible sibling.  I would like to thank Kate Styer and Identigene for their exceptional generosity.  Please visit Identigene's two blogs: My Story Related (finding families with DNA tests) and Ask Kate (DNA and DNA tests)  Cross your fingers for me please!!  We should know in the next month what the results are!

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