Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Was your clinic lying to you??

Many clinics are keeping vital information from their clients, information that is crucial for the offspring to connect with genetic relatives.  One of the most common is clinics that fail to disclose to their patients that the sperm did not in fact come from one of the hospital's residents or interns, or the university's medical student.

Many patients, even well in to the 1990s were told their sperm was fresh from a local donor.  This is highly unlikely, as after 1988, sperm was required by the CDC to be frozen and quarantined for at least 2-6 months - due to the discovery and fear of HIV/AIDS.

Other clinics and doctor's offices buy sperm in large quantities from large sperm banks.  Some of these clinics tell their patients were the sperm came from.  Some do not.  Some offices tell their patients exactly what they know the patient wants to hear, and not what the truth is.  Hence why so many offspring and parents believe their donors were medical students....the doctors know that saying the donor was a medical student sounds much better than say he was a mechanic or whatever.

One of the world's largest sperm banks is Xytex.  While their headquarters are in Augusta, Georgia, they also have offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the years in various other cities/towns throughout Georgia.  They also have many affiliates.  That is, clinics that use their sperm for their patients.  

The following clinics are official Xytex affiliate clinics, meaning their sperm are Xytex donors.  Some of these clinics change the donor numbers to their own system.

Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (Jacksonville, FL)
LaVista Reproductive Services (Atlanta, GA)
North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine (Cary, NC)
Pacific Reproductive Services (San Francisco and Pasadena, CA)
Reproductive Health Associates (Clearwater, FL)
Southeastern Fertility Center (Mt. Pleasant, SC)
University of Connecticut Health Center (Farmington, CT)
Xytex Corporation at Syncor (Woburn, MA)

Genesis Fertility Centre (Vancouver, BC)
Outreach Health Services (Toronto, ON)
Regional Fertility Programme (Calgary, AB)

Queensland Fertility Group (various offices throughout QLD)

***As always, please let me know if you know of any other clinics or doctor's offices that were affiliated or used Xytex donors exclusively!!  I am in the process of compiling a list of private doctor's offices that used Xytex as well.


Here is a list of all USA Sperm Banks/Clinics, including their affiliates and alternate locations.  I have listed dates in service for as many as I could find.  Please feel free to email to make corrections or add facilities.

Sadly though, offspring and recipients are not the only ones being lied to by clinics!  As discussed on the DSR, two notable (or better yet, notorious) sperm banks: Fairfax Cryobank and Cryogenic Laboratories Inc (CLI) have been publicly denounced for their refusal to provide former retired donors with their donor numbers.  These two banks are attempting to interfere with willing and consensual contact between former donors and their offspring by deliberately denying donors their numbers.  Other clinics have been known to give donors and recipients different numbers so that future reunions are nearly impossible.  

All of these tactics by the infertility industry show how deeply fearful they are of the idea of reunion, and the lengths that they will go to stop it.  They are trying to stop it, not because they think it's unhealthy or against some mysterious and non-legally binding "contract of anonymity", but because they know that every successful reunion proves the exact opposite....that anonymity is wrong and that even many of the donors have had enough!!  


Kevin said...

Great post Lindsay! I ask myself this same question constantly. I choose to believe that my donor was a medical student but I can never be certain. And the large commercial clinics like Fairfax really need to clean up their act!

Anonymous said...

Lindsay, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this blog. You have stated what I've thought for several years now.

My daughter is 22 and she is practically the oldest DCP posted at CLI (there is one that is older but she doesn't know her donor number). There are only a few donors that are posted there and I have heard the same story from them - no one at CLI will tell them their donor number even though they would like to be known to their biological children.

Is it because they are located in the conservative Midwest or do you think it is something more sinister?

I wish more parents would disclose to their adult children and communicate with the rest of us so between us all we can figure it out.

Thanks for letting me vent once again,