Friday, July 18, 2008

Back in action once again

So I know I've been kind of slacking on my blog the past few weeks...I recently quit my job in Cincinnati (long story involving a crappy job and a nasty boss) and have moved back to Greater Cleveland into my parents' house (yes, we'll see how long this lasts before I become a raving lunatic!!).  So between moving, a rattie-related tumor emergency, planning a vacation, finding a new job (still looking...), a bout with a very nasty summer cold (complete with a nose that functions as a full-service water works and sneezes that rival the big bad wolf)......and of course spending entirely too much time laying out by the pool with my nose in a novel  ----- yeah, you can see where I'm going with this...........

Notwithstanding,  just wanted to say I'm back and will try to be more diligent on my blogging.

In other news...the letter to Fairfax Cryobank is finished and with 40 endorsements (including two organizations, 34 donor-conceived adults, a recipient parent, a former donor, a donor's wife, and an adoptee) it's being prepared to be send to the director, as well as Spermdonors (Yahoo group), DSR_Discussion (Yahoo group), and hopefully several journalists who have been writing on DC-related topics in the past.  Thank you to everyone who contributed their comments and advice, and for all of those who endorsed this letter!

Will try to write more soon, so stay posted!

8/11/08 UPDATE...... I've been accepted into the Fall 2008 Masters in Library and Information Science Program at Kent State University!!  Yeah, definitely a change from Biology and Genetics, but times are a-changing (and Lindsay can't find a job in her own field!!).  I want to specialize in genealogy - so I guess it's not THAT far off my original path!!

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Anonymous said...

Do you regret being born? Are you that angry with your mother? I know you are only 23 and had some life experiences. Can you also see the other side of couples who can not have children. We are not selfish. We are searching to love a child and to have a family. Maybe that is what God intended. I don't have the answer I am just searching for answers. Do all Donor Concieved Children regret being born and having alife that was create for them. Do all hate their parents that brought them into the world. Are any children born this way at all greatful for anything that your parents did for you. Are you happy with your life,because we only have one. Did you not feel love at all? I am sorry if I sound abrupt. I do not mean to . I am just looking for answers. My husband and I are thinking of a sperm donor. Can you see the pain that couples have who can not have children? It truly makes you feel humble. I would greatly love an answer to help us decide. Everything that you have stated have talked about. I know you think we are selfish and ungrateful people. Maybe if you were in our position you would think differently. Thank God you can have children.