Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I took my final exam this afternoon and I've put the finishing touches on my practicum binder, and Lindsay is finally done with her masters degree!!! I technically graduate on Saturday, but I'm playing hookey instead of going to commencement!! Actually, my momma and I have our last run of the year as elves on the Polar Express, and it's the night all our friends and their children are coming (and some kids I babysit for), so I think we have about 1/4 of the our car filled with "our people" so it's gonna be a BLAST!! I will be sure to post pics soon!

I promise I will get back to blogging more regularly in 2010. I know I've been chaotic the past few months on and off blogging, but it's tough working 4 different jobs AND school!!

My sisters are home on Friday from college so it'll be our full house again. My one little sister auditioned and won an internship at Disney World as a performing character (either Mickey, Minnie, or Donald - based on her height), so we're all so excited and proud of her!! And of course we're planning a vacation to DW in March which I'm PSYCHED about!!

Well, I'm off to bed for the evening. I had a bad cold this past weekend and I'm still recovering slowly. I feel alive again, but still not back to where I want to be, especially during the holiday season!


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Lindsay said...

Thanks Theresa!!! :o)

Now I just need a job!! lol. I've applied quite a few places, just waiting to hear back now.....figure after the new year and all.

Luckily I've got my nannying, two other babysitting jobs, and working at the library - but a "real" job with benefits would be nice since I'll be off my parents insurance cos I'm out of school.........