Sunday, November 16, 2008

More from Anti-Adoption Adoptees

Sorry I deleted this post a few days ago...I was having some difficulties with blogger and it wouldn't display correctly, despite my tweaking - so here it is once again!!

Some new links of interest in the adoption community:

Children of Corn - a new blog from Marley Greiner of The Daily Bastardette and Lauren Sabina Kneisly of Baby Love Child which has been documenting the recent atrocity of "big kid dumping" in Nebraska since July when their baby safe haven law went into effect without an age limit.  A memorial to the over 30 teenagers who have been legally abandoned by their parents or guardians so they may never be forgotten, the blog also is complete with information, recent events, and updates regarding this tragedy.

Anti-Adoption Confusion - a blog from Michelle which expounds the reasoning behind adoptees being anti-adoption...a beautiful read which parallels donor conceived people who are demanding accountability from the reckless actions of the infertility industry.  

Some of her points are that adoption:

1) changed her name and legally denied her access to her original birth certificate
2) gave her non-identifying information and told her to be grateful for it
3) legally denied her mother, father and siblings to know her identity or whereabouts
4) assumes that adoptees will cause harm if they receive their original birth certificate
5) gives no reason why her birth certificate is sealed
6) sells humans
7) only allows mothers 24-48 hours (in some places) to revoke the relinquishment
8) does not require mandatory child advocates representing the best interests of the child

Please go and read this post, because it is so true, and relates to donor conception on so many levels.

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